Making your bespoke wedding dress.

Here's a general idea of how your bespoke dress is created from the first contact to your wedding day. (For other members of the bridal party the process is simpler and often much shorter).

The Questionnaire

My website will tell you a lot about me, but in order to design your bespoke dress, I need to know a little about you! After you contact me, I will send you a fun questionnaire design to help me figure out how I can best serve you, as well as help you get inspired about having a bespoke dress made for YOU!

The Initial Appointment

I will invite you to my studio for a short, free, initial appointment. We will have a chance to get to know each other, as well as briefly go over your questionnaire and dress ideas. With no obligation to hire me, you will get to see where your dress will be hand-crafted, as well as inspect dresses that I have created in the past, if available.

We will discuss your dress ideas, as well as my process and policies. This is our chance to get interview each other! If we seem like a good bride/dressmaker match, we will schedule a meeting to design your bespoke wedding dress together!

The Design Appointment

The design appointment is when we will look at all of our favourite inspirations for your dress-to-be. We will look at inspiration images and expert advice, and whether your venue is a historic stately home, a modern city boutique hotel or an exotic beach, together we will brainstorm and your wedding dress will be designed and made with you and your special day in mind.

During this appointment, we will look at fabric samples from some of the UK's best bridal fabric suppliers. We will discuss a wide range of fabrics from fine silks, satins and lace to name but a few. Depending on the style of the dress and your personality I might suggest some bead work or embroidery to add a personal touch to your gown. Together we design your dream wedding dress or outfit to suit your budget.

After our appointment, I will think a lot about everything we've discussed and sketches, inspirational images, and a detailed description will be posted to you.

It's now time to make the decision to commission your very own one-of-a-kind thelimegate bespoke wedding dress!

Contracts, Deposits, and Measurements

Congratulations! You've decided to commit to the bespoke experience! Contracts will be signed and your first payment is due. We will continue to brainstorm, fine-tune and discuss any changes you might still want before we finalise the dress design. The bespoke dressmaking process is organic and collaborative. We will continue to improve upon the original sketch throughout the process.

I will take an extensive set of measurements, so that I can create your dress exactly to your body.

Toile Fitting(s)

Once most of the major design decisions are made, a cotton version of your dress will be made in order to check the style and fit. At this stage we may decide upon decoration and further styling. Your second payment will then be due, before I cut the real fabric.And finally, I get to cut and construct your bespoke wedding dress in its real fabric!

2nd & 3rd Fittings

The dress will be made in the chosen fabrics to an exact copy of the cotton toile. Once it is ready, we will have our second fitting. This is the most exciting fitting because it is the first time that you will try on your actual wedding dress! Different fabrics act in different ways, so much of the dress will still be hand-basted for slight adjustments. We will take this time to fine tune everything for finishing and lining.

At this point we can discuss the desire for any bespoke accessories designed to co-ordinate exactly with the dress (e.g. veil, tiara, hair combs, feathered hair accessories etc.)

Final Check Fitting

A few weeks before your wedding day I will call you for a final fitting, to make any adjustments to the fit of the dress. At this point you should really be able to appreciate all the work we have done together to create your unique and special dress.


I will now finish your very own bespoke wedding dress! And your final payment will be due.

Final Delivery

Once your dress is complete, it will be wrapped in a box or garment bag for Final Delivery. Have an incredible wedding!